Known & Discovered: Artful Expressions

Opening Reception January 11th, 6pm

Join us for our first Gallery Art Show of 2019: Known & Discovered- Artful Expressions. Everyone has their own way of perceiving things. This new show will entice you to see everyday items captured in artful expressions to give them new life, gaze upon images created to find hidden meanings, and discover what lies beyond the initial glance of the paintings. The artists will be available on opening night to discuss with the public their works and share what is known about the creation of each piece. In addition to lively discussions with the artists, we will also have Jan Zell Wines & Ciders on site offering glasses and bottles for purchase.
The show will feature works from local artists: Beth Berry, Catherine Christopher, Christine Lehman, Colleen Clapp, & Marion Griffin. 
Click here to learn more about each of our featured artists from the Known & Discovered: Artful Expressions Show

Located at 50 West Main Street in downtown Waynesboro, PA

Gallery 50 was the first gallery to open in 2013, and is the only remaining gallery that continues to be owned and operated by the Arts Alliance of Greater Waynesboro.  This gallery spotlights over 500 pieces of fine art and high quality crafts from local artists and artisans. At any given time customers can find exceptional paintings, fine art photography, etchings, ceramics, fiber arts, handcrafted greeting cards, jewelry, books by local authors…and more. The artwork in this gallery represents several highly respected artists from around the country.

Interested in becoming one of our future artisans? Please submit your portfolio to [email protected] for our gallery team to review.

Friday: 3–8 p.m.
Saturday: 12–4 p.m.
Sunday: 1–4 p.m.