Known and Discovered

Known & Discovered; Artful Expressions

Meet the Artists

  • Beth Berry is a Chambersburg, PA based photographer who focuses her work on still life and landscapes. She enjoys spending time in her home studio creating images using vintage and antique items in her collection. When not capturing still life images in her home she is traveling to places such as Montana, Pennsylvania, and her home state of West Virginia capturing the beautiful landscapes each location has to offer. Learn more about Beth at:
  • Catherine Christopher is a native New Yorker, born and raised on the Southeast Shore of Long Island. She moved to Maryland in 2000, and has made her living as a decorative painter since 1995. In recent years, she has returned to her roots using techniques and materials from her decorative painting career by transposing them to canvas and board. Her unique style is evident in the materials that she chooses to create multi-layered, almost dimensional paintings of shimmering color and light.
  • Christine Lehman is an American painter and artist who resides in Waynesboro, PA. Inspired by nature, her work explores the beauty and wonder that can be found in the flora and fauna surrounding us.  Christine only began focusing earnestly on her work in 2010, and has received recognition by both the local art community as well as online. “Art has filled my soul and breathed a new life into it. I hope this childlike curiousity and joy that are with me will now forever remain,” Christine Lehman. Learn more about Christine at:
  • Marion Griffin is an abstract artist located in New Market, MD. Inspiration comes from a variety of places; nature, family photos, my inner journey and a passion for spontaneity. Vibrant color, abstract shapes and a desire to explore who I am, inspires me to move the brush with exuberance and flair. The longing for artistic authenticity is what nudges me to cultivate my craft and discover my unique place in the art world. Learn more about Marion at:
  • Colleen Clapp is an award-winning artist who became dedicated to the visual arts at a young age.  She studied fine art in college and later went on to learn graphic design and illustration. As a broadcast graphic designer, she worked for WTTG News, ABC News, NBC News, and the The Chris Matthews Show.  Her commissioned pieces include public murals, magazine illustration, portraits, and paintings in a variety of mediums. She currently exhibits her paintings in the Baltimore/DC metropolitan area and is a member of TAG/ The Artists Gallery located in Frederick, MD.