Q&A with Eric Avey

Waynesboro singer-songwriter Eric Avey shares his early music inspirations, his journey to becoming a more confident songwriter, and a strong message that “live music will always prevail. Somehow, some way.”



Guitar, Bass, Drums, Mandolin, Piano

How would you describe your music?

Acoustic, Electric, Honest, Happiness, Heartaches, No Boundaries, Original, Life.

What inspired you to start creating and performing music?

My first instrument was a guitar that I still own to this day. I really began getting interested in music around late high school (95). Once I established that I had some rhythm, I bought a used drum set and from there on out, it’s been an obsession. Now, it’s about writing and recording. Along the way, I picked up other instruments, challenging myself and my abilities.

Please walk us through your songwriting process.

I was not a very confident writer at first. With anything, practice makes you better. I felt the need to write everything. Great songwriters put it all out there. I believe there is someone for every song.

Usually it’s a melody that strikes me. When that happens, I grab a guitar and my phone and capture what I can before it leaves. From there I can start establishing what sound it’s going to have. A pen and paper are needed next and at that point, the words for me got to flow. It’s true, the best songs come at once. At least for me. I’ve written some BAD songs. I think it’s important to document it. I usually don’t come back to unfinished ideas. With original music, there are no boundaries. It’s yours!

Recently I’ve discovered “Electronic Music.” Well, not that it is new, just new to me. Meditation is a huge part of my routine these days so being able to write and record my own meditation music has been very inspiring and healthy. Sometimes I program a drum beat and improvise over that. My challenge is to live in the moment and go with the first track.

Writing is my passion. That’s my focus. Even if no one hears it, it feels good to create something that has never been done before.

Who are your biggest music influences?

Garcia, Bluegrass, Run DMC, Jazz, Doc, Bush, Blues, Roots, Country and Western.

What is your favorite song to perform? Why?

Any song that I have written. They mean the most to me. Although, “Oh Sweet Carolina” by Ryan Adams has been the most recent cover.

Anything else you would like to add?

Sometimes the answers you seek…are found right there in your own music.