MEET THE ARTIST – Tony Giroux to discuss his unique wood sculptures in Gallery 50 – November 30

Tony Giroux

Tony Giroux

Tony Giroux was born in Deadwood, South Dakota, where he noted that Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok died! He served in the US Army, traveling all over the world, including Viet Nam and 9 years in Europe, before retiring to Rouzerville, PA with his wife, Connie. They are the parents of four children.
Retirement caused Tony to seek “something fun to do with a scroll saw”, to keep life interesting and to compensate for what he describes as his “personal form of ADHD”. What Tony discovered was “Intarsia Art”!

Intarsia Art, dating from 15th century Italy, is a form of wood sculpture, using mosaics of wood, which are crafted onto a wooden support.
Tony got started in wood hobbies as a 10 year old, when he said his uncle “dragged me into his shop to sweep the floors!”

After retirement, Tony went to school in Tennessee and studied Intarsia with world renown Intarsia artist, Judy Gale Roberts.

Tony has not only crafted extraordinary wood sculptures, but, in what is called “segmented turning”, he also has created exquisite wooden bowls and a unique wooden chalice. He explains that this process is “making big pieces from little ones”: one bowl has over 600 pieces of wood, forming a beautiful pattern; the chalice has 496 pieces of wood!

Tony’s work is exhibited prominently in Gallery 50, 50 West Main Street Waynesboro, PA. The Gallery is open Thursdays from 1-4; Fridays 5-8; Saturdays 12-6; and Sunday 1-4.

Gallery 50 is pleased to announce that on Saturday, November 30, from 2 -4 pm, Tony will greet visitors and answer questions about his works.

Along with Tony’s works in Gallery 50, are over 200 paintings, prints, and photographs, as well as over 600 unique gift items, including autographed childrens books, signed books of non-fiction and historical fiction, one-of-a-kind pottery and hand-crafted jewelry.

Interview by Mary Alice Baumgardner

Photos by Sue Downin

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