Destination ARTS! Facts for the New Year!


Did you know…

Since July 19, 2013, when Destination ARTS! opened, we have sponsored at least 172 arts related events, featuring more than 100 different musicians, artists, authors, dancers, and actors.

These include 112 musical performances, involving at least 72 different musicians (not including all the members of the Wayne Band), all performing in art galleries or on the streets of Waynesboro!

In addition, we have had about 60 other arts related events (artist demonstrations, living art, children’s programs, drum circles, magicians, dancers, book readings, dramatic presentations), involving about 35 different artists/authors/teachers/etc (not including all the students who performed from A&B Dance Dimensions).

We have displayed over 2,000 pieces of art from more than 150 different artists!

During the summer, the galleries were visited by people from 25 different states and 8 countries.

Musicians, performers, and demonstrating artists include (and please forgive us if we’ve left someone out!):

Ken Jankura, Brett Crawford, Joe Dennison, Fred Griggs, Eric Wengert, Brian Wengert, Rebecca Reed, Justin Streletz, Beth Malone, Katy Altfield, Tom McFarland, Gillian Hollen, Brad Barkdoll, Jerry Kowallis, Marie Hershey, Vonnie Kay Wertz, Mitch Morrill, Evan Bennetch, Scott Matlock. Laurie Matlock,  Patric Schlee, Daniel Lawson, Jody Messich, Nancy Messich, Brad Munn, Tim Gotwald, Dan Dropkin, Roy Justice, Erin Regan, Dani Kardisco, Elise Stendal, Amanda Bietsch, Sammy Bradley, Missy Ecker, Lisa Donohoe, Bobbi Smith, Bob Murphy, Dusty Rhodes, Robert Nelson, Nicola Sussman, Gloria Showalter, Sharon Rost, Jon Ingels, Scott Matlock, Gillian Hollen, Garrett Smith, Kevin James, Andrew Sussman,  Herm Hopple, Paula Hepfer, Sam Hepfer, Kerensa Gray, Beth Trez, Jill Hughey, Eric Avey, Kate Avey, The Wayne Band, Patrick McNamee, Claire Martin, Ruth Showalter, Linden Showalter, Gabrielle Sanfilippo, Marlin Barnes, Jane Peatling, Tim Franklin, Keith Snyder, Wayne Driscoll, the Kat Carlson Band, Fanny Crawford (Storytelling), Nicola Sussman (classes Fun with Singing and Movement to Music & Zumba with Kids), Ellen Dorosh (Weaver), Marjorie Tressler (Painting), Kathy Bourdeau (Basic Calligraphy class), Marie & Maxine Beck (Book Readings), Kitty Monn (Create with Duct Tape), Donna Bingaman (Painting), Dick and Lindsey Shoap (Dramatic Reading), Laura Danyluk (Children’s story and art project), Chris Copley (Corn Husk People), Mary Ellen Selvaggio (How good is your memory?), Kathy Pierce (Decoupage), Nancy Messich (Drum Circle), Thom Tholen (Drawing), Leslie Quesada (Suncatchers), Becky Dietrich (Book Reading), Kay Yaukey (Madame X – Living Art), Michael McIntyre (Pottery demonstrations), David Wayne and Miss Penelope (Magic show and Balloon art), Mary Alice Baumgardner (Book Reading and activity), Kay Ackerman (Jewelry), Shirley Snyder (Basketweaving), Linda Beckwith (Etching), Marge Kiersz (Origami), A&B Dance Dimensions performance, Tony Giroux (Woodworking), Susan Matson (Basketweaving), Laura Lewis Shindle (Painting)

THANK YOU for your support of the arts in Waynesboro!  We look forward to seeing you downtown as we continue to add more arts activities of all kinds.  Visit our website often for details.  “Like” us on Facebook.

2014 is going to be an even more exciting year to be in Waynesboro!  Stay tuned for what comes next!


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