Destination ARTS! Welcomes A New Business To Downtown!

Charlotte’s Web Antiques Opens!

CharlottesWebSignThe rear of one of Destination ARTS! former galleries now houses a new business to Waynesboro’s Downtown community. The former auto service bays and storage rooms of the old Western Auto Building at 22 East Main Street, once Gallery 22, is filled with antiques and curiosities to catch your eye and tempt you to purchase.

CharlottesWebInteriorRoz and Marty Freeman, previously residents of Waynesboro, have returned home from the west and brought their huge collection of antiques with them. The main room is literally packed with fabulous examples of antique furniture, tools, housewares, etc. Then there are the “Catacombs,” a lower level cellar that extends under the main first floor sales room to the building front, which is filled with smaller treasures from yesterday’s home, stores, kitchens and workshops.

This description can not do justice to the collection nor to the friendly demeanor of the proprietors. You simply must come see for yourself. Charlotte’s Web will be open during the same hours as Destination ARTS! galleries and during Saturday’s “Market Day.”

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